Caleb was one of the twelve spies that Moses sent into the land of Canaan (Numbers, chapter 13). When the twelve spies came back, Caleb gave a good report. Because of that, God gave Caleb a long life and land for him and his family.
At the time of our Bible Reading, Caleb was 85 years old.
I think Caleb was able to live a long life because he trusted God to lead him every day of his life.
But often we are not like Caleb. We must face a problem or do something hard. The devil tempts us with negative thoughts. We believe that we cannot face our problem or do the hard thing. We whine and complain and give up.
We need to be like Caleb. We should remember that God will always help us. One thing that you can do is have a prayer journal. Write down the things that you pray for and the ways God blesses you. This will remind you to always follow God and not give up.