Call to God

Are you in deep trouble? Are you stuck in sin? Are there things you struggle with in your life? What should you do?
The person who wrote Psalm 130 gives us an example of what to do. He was in deep trouble. He knew people around him had sinned. What did the writer do? He called to God for help. He asked the Lord to listen to him. Verse 2 says, “My Master, listen to me. Listen to my call for help.”
Even when the writer was in deep trouble and experiencing hard times, he remembered to trust in God. He remembered that God is faithful and true. The writer also remembered that God is the One who saves people from their sins. “True love is found only with the Lord. The Lord saves us again and again” (verse 7b).
When you are in trouble, don’t give up! Keep your faith in God. Seek Him. Continue to trust Him. Remember God is faithful. He is still the One who saves you from your sins.