Calling for Help

We followed our usual bedtime routine of reading and praying with our children. But after that, my eleven-year-old daughter came downstairs crying, “I don’t want to be with my sister. Can I sleep on the couch?” She and her older sister had a disagreement. Now she was calling out to me for help.
As a parent, I want my children to tell me how they feel and ask me to find solutions to their problems. I don’t want them to complain all the time, but I do want them to tell me when they are sad or upset. Often when we are hurting, we pray to God, who is our heavenly Father. We tell God how we feel and ask Him to help us. That’s what the writer of Psalm 61 was doing.
It is important for parents to pay attention to their children’s feelings, just like it is important that God hears our prayers. First, He listens to us, and then, He helps us work through our problems.
Are you facing problems today? Tell God how you feel and ask Him to help you. Then praise God for His love and protection.