Candy Cane (1)

At this time of year, we often see candy canes. These peppermint candies were invented around 1900. A few years later, someone wrote a story about the candy cane. This story was written to teach people about God and Jesus. Today and for the next few days we will compare a candy cane and some facts about God and Jesus.
Take a candy cane and turn it upside down. It looks like the letter “J.” “J” is the first letter in Jesus’ name. Jesus is God’s Son. God sent Jesus to earth to live as a human. But Jesus was different from all other humans — He never sinned. Philippians 2:7 says that Jesus “gave up his place with God and agreed to be like a servant. He was born to be a man and became like a servant.” Jesus lived as a man, and then He died on a cross. Jesus accepted the punishment for our sins. Jesus died in our place.
Our Bible Reading tells us about Jesus’ name. If you see a candy cane, look at the “J” and thank God for sending Jesus to die for you. Then enjoy the candy!