Candy Cane (2)

A candy cane is very hard and strong. When you eat one, it crunches between your teeth. This reminds us that God is strong and powerful. In our Bible Reading today, David said that God is “my Rock, my Fortress, my Place of Safety. My God is my Rock. I run to him for protection” (verse 2a).
During Bible times, people often went into mountain caves to hide from their enemies. The hard rocks protected and hid them. In the same way, David said that God is his Rock and Place of Safety. God is powerful and dependable. God will never leave us alone. He will always protect us.
Because God is strong, we should obey Him and build our lives on His Word, the Bible. In Deuteronomy 32:4 Moses said, “The Rock (the Lord) — his work is perfect! Why? Because all his ways are right! God is true and faithful. He is good and honest.” Make sure that you are building your life on God and obeying His commands.
If you eat a hard candy cane, think about God. He is your Rock. You can depend on Him to guide you.