Candy Cane (3)

Today we will continue talking about candy canes. If you hold up a candy cane, you can see that it looks like a shepherd’s staff. In Bible times, a shepherd always carried a wooden staff with him. A shepherd used his staff to keep his sheep together. He also used it to lead and protect his sheep. The shepherd even used his staff to carry sick or injured sheep.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus is called the “Great Shepherd of the sheep.” In John 10:11 Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.” This means that Jesus takes care of us, protects us and provides for us here on earth — just like a shepherd takes care of his sheep. Jesus also died for us to protect us from eternal punishment in hell. Jesus willingly chose to die for us. In John 10:18a Jesus told His disciples, “No person takes my life away from me. I give my own life freely.”
Jesus will be your shepherd today. You can depend on Him to lead you to do good things. When you see a candy cane, remember that Jesus is your Good Shepherd.