Candy Cane (4)

For several days, we have been talking about candy canes. Today we will talk about the red stripes.
In the Old Testament, many animal sacrifices were needed to forgive the people’s sins. This was God’s law. But one animal sacrifice was not enough to forgive all the sins. Sacrifices were offered again and again.
That is why God sent Jesus. Jesus “came and offered himself only once. And that once is enough for all time” (Hebrews 9:26b). Ephesians 1:7 tells us that in “Christ we are made free by Christ’s blood (death). We have forgiveness of sins because of God’s rich grace.” That is what the red stripes on the candy cane show us. The red stripes represent Jesus’ blood.
When you eat a candy cane, remember that Jesus gave you the most precious gift He had — His own blood. And remember that Jesus’ blood is why we can live forever in heaven with God.