Candy Cane (6)

Today candy canes are made with different flavors. But the original candy canes were flavored with peppermint.
Hyssop is a small plant found in Israel and Egypt. During Bible times, people used hyssop branches to sprinkle blood during sacrifices. These sacrifices made the people clean from their sins. Hyssop is a symbol of spiritual purity.
The peppermint plant is very similar to hyssop. The peppermint flavor in candy canes reminds us of the sacrifices in the Old Testament. It also reminds us that we were “bought with the precious blood (death) of Christ” (verse 19a).
In Psalm 51:7 David said, “Use the hyssop plant and do the ceremony to make me pure. Wash me until I am whiter than snow!” That’s what Jesus does for us. His blood makes us clean and pure.
Enjoy the peppermint flavor of a candy cane today. Let that flavor remind you that Jesus died to take away your sins.