Verse 10b of our Bible Reading says, “So God did what he needed to do. He made perfect the One (Jesus) who leads those people to salvation.” This verse talks about Jesus leading people to salvation. Some Bible translations say that Jesus is our captain. This same Greek word is also translated “author,” “prince” or “One that gives life” in other Bible verses.
When we see the word captain, we may think about a captain in the army or a person who is in charge of a ship. But what does it mean that Jesus is our captain? The word means that Jesus is the One who takes the lead or is the first cause of something. Jesus has taken the lead in salvation, faith and life itself.
Our salvation, faith and life are very important to us. Jesus began our salvation, He leads us in our faith and He gives us life that will last forever.
Thank God for Jesus, who is the captain of your life!