Change (2)

Today we will talk about a change that we may need to make in our lives. This is a change to stop worrying and start trusting God.
There are many things that we worry about: our physical health, finances, our family members, our jobs, etc. When we trust God instead of worrying about these things, God will give us feelings of peace, contentment and safety.
The Bible is filled with verses that remind us to trust God. Our Bible Reading says, “Trust the Lord completely! Don’t depend on your own knowledge” (verse 5). In Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus talked about all the things God made for us. In Matthew 6:25, Jesus reminds us to not worry about food or clothes.
God wants us to give our worries to Him. He wants us to change from a life of worry to a life filled with trust. He has promised to be with us and take care of our needs.
Maybe today is the time for you to change your life. Stop worrying and trust God. He will never fail you.