Change (4)

Some people change the way they act. Most of the time they may be kind and friendly. But when they are trying to impress a group of people, they change and do not say or do kind things.
When I was in school, some of my friends would change their attitudes and actions toward me. Sometimes they would act friendly. But if they wanted to be part of the special crowd, they would say things that hurt my feelings.
As Christians, we should not change the way we act. We should always act like Jesus. Jesus never changed the way He treated people. He was always kind, loving and fair. That’s how we should be.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God never changes. “He is always the same” (verse 17b). That is so wonderful! We can depend on God to always be fair and loving with us.
I hope you will try to be like Jesus today. And don’t forget that you can depend on God to always be the same.