Change of Plans


I do not like it when my plans are changed. When this happens, I start to worry and complain.

One day recently my husband and I left home to go somewhere. I put on my coat and picked up my purse and a thermos of hot tea. I went out the door and locked it. Then my husband told me that our car wouldn’t start. So I went back in the house and took off my coat. I was unhappy because our plans were changed.

It is easy to become upset when our plans change. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus was on His way to heal a little girl. But His plans changed. On the way Jesus met a woman who was ill. This woman needed Jesus to help her. Jesus did not become upset or complain about the change in His plans. Instead, He showed her compassion and healed her.

Don’t become upset if your plans change today. Follow Jesus’ example and show love and patience to others.