Change Your Heart

In our Bible verses today, Paul spoke to King Agrippa. Paul told the king, “I began telling people to change their hearts and lives and turn back to God” (verse 20a).

But before Paul started telling people to change their hearts, he changed his own heart. Acts, chapter 9, tells us that Paul was against Christians. He tried to “scare the followers of the Lord, even saying he would kill them” (Acts 9:1b). Then Jesus appeared to Paul. Paul repented, changed his heart and became a Christian.

When we change our hearts and obey God, He gives us new life. We become a new person with a new beginning. But if we try to do everything alone, we will fail. We need God to help us grow and to share His love with others.

Jesus died on the cross to give you salvation and eternal life with Him. He wants you to change your heart today and follow Him.