Change Your Heart

A couple of days ago we talked about Simon. He was a man who practiced magic and sorcery. Simon saw Peter and John give the Christians in Samaria God’s special power. Simon wanted to give Peter and John money to buy God’s power.
Simon did not understand God’s power. Peter told Simon, “You cannot share with us in this work. Your heart is not right before God” (verse 21). Then Peter told Simon how he could be right with God. “Change your heart! Turn away from these evil thoughts” (verse 22a).
Maybe you are struggling with some sin in your life today. Maybe you realize that you have become a slave to that sin. Don’t give up! Follow Peter’s advice — change your heart and turn away from your sin.
Rely on God to change your heart today. Be humble and let God help you and mold you. He will remove your sin and help you stand strong.