I do not like change. It does not matter if it is a good change or a bad change. I just don’t like change!
During my college years, I have experienced a lot of changes – moving out of my parents’ house into a dorm, changing roommates, moving back home for the summer, leaving friends behind. But I like doing the same things over and over. Why? Because I am comfortable with my life. I want things to stay the same.
One of the great things about God is that He is always the same. Verse 19 of our Bible Reading tells us that God does not change. This verse says, “God is not a man; he will not lie. God is not a human being; his decisions will not change. If the Lord makes a promise, then he will do the thing he promised.”
Sometimes we face hard times in life. People leave us or disappoint us. But God will never leave us or disappoint us. He will never fail us.
Maybe right now you are facing changes in your life. Remember that God does not change. You can always depend on Him!