An artist painted a picture of Jesus as He appeared to His disciples after His resurrection. Everyone who saw the painting thought it was wonderful. But the artist said that she wanted to re-paint some parts of it. The people who had seen the painting begged
her not to change anything. But the artist went ahead and changed the painting. The result was an even more wonderful and realistic painting.

Sometimes we look at ourselves. We think about the times we have failed again and again. Some people I know call themselves “God’s dirt balls”! But God doesn’t want us to think that way. God not only forgives us — He changes us and makes us better.

One time some men brought a crippled man to Jesus. Jesus forgave the man’s sins and healed him.
Mark 2:12 tells us what happened. “Immediately the paralyzed man stood up. He picked up his mat and walked
out of the room. Everyone could see
him. They were amazed and praised God. They said, ‘This is the most amazing thing we have ever seen!’”

That man was truly changed by his experience with Jesus. As Christians, God is with us and changing us every day — making us better. Remember that God loves you and is working in your life today!