The Bible changes people’s lives. The teachings in the Bible give us hope and a purpose for living. The Christians in Thessalonica believed God’s Word. Then their lives changed. They stopped worshiping idols. These Christians started serving the one true God.
Paul told the people in Thessalonica the Good News about salvation through Jesus. He told them that Jesus was coming again. These people believed and obeyed God’s Word. They looked forward to Jesus coming again.
When these people repented of their sins and were baptized into Jesus, they received new life. Their sins were forgiven, and they received the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). Their lives were changed!
Paul was thankful that these people changed because of their faith and love. He was thankful that they continued to serve Jesus faithfully even when they were suffering. Verse 6b of our Bible Reading says that the “Holy Spirit gave that joy.” You can be changed in the same way if you will worship and serve God.