We all must face changes in our lives. When we are born, we move from the warmth and security of our mother into a world full of new things. But God is the one who controls this change.
Recently I moved from the warmth and security of a town where I had lived for many years. I did not just move to a different town, I moved to a new state. I was uncertain about these changes, but I knew that God was in control of these changes, too.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about a change that will happen when Jesus comes again. Verses 51a-52 tell us some wonderful things. “We will not all die, but we will all be changed…We will be changed as quickly as an eye blinks. This will happen when the last trumpet blows…those believers who had died will be raised to live forever. And we also will all be changed.”
I hope you are looking forward to the day when God will change you and give you a new home with Him!