In some places, red squirrels are called “barking squirrels” or “chatterboxes.” Why? Because these squirrels live in the treetops and can see what is happening on the ground. These squirrels chatter when they see something dangerous. The other animals pay attention to the squirrels’ warnings and run from the danger.
Often we read warnings in God’s Word. Today’s Bible Reading warns us not to follow the example of the Jews in the Old Testament. Sometimes we receive warnings from our parents or our Christian friends. And we can receive warnings from Bible preachers and teachers. But what should we do with these warnings? Do we ignore them? Or do we pay attention to them?
If you have received a warning and you paid attention to it, you were probably safe from some danger. But if you ignored a warning, probably something bad happened to you.
The next time you see a squirrel, think about God’s warnings to you. Remember to always pay attention to what God says in His Word.