Children (1)

In Mark 10:13-16, we read that people brought their children to Jesus. In verse 14, Jesus said, “…God’s kingdom belongs to people that are like these little children.” So, if I want to be part of God’s kingdom, I should have some of the same characteristics that children have. For the next several days, we will talk about these characteristics.
Today we will talk about trust. Most children are very trusting. They trust their parents to do what is best for them. In our Bible Reading, we read that God told Abraham to kill his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. Isaac asked his father (verse 7b), “…where is the lamb we will burn as a sacrifice?” Abraham answered (verse 8b), “God himself is providing the lamb for the sacrifice.”
Abraham was ready to kill Isaac, but an angel of the Lord stopped him. Then God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice. The Bible does not say how Isaac felt. But I think that Isaac trusted his father to do what was best for him.
We should be like Isaac. We should trust God to do what is best for us every day of our lives.