Children (2)

Our Bible Reading today is about Samuel. When he was very young, his mother brought him to live with Eli, the priest.
One night, God spoke to Samuel. Samuel heard someone calling his name. He thought that Eli was calling him. Eli said, “I didn’t call you. Go back to bed” (verse 5b). Later, God called Samuel again. Samuel said to God, “Speak, I am your servant, and I am listening” (verse 10b).
Most children want to obey God. They know that God is happy when they obey. Samuel wanted to pay attention to God. He wanted to please God. Christians should be like that, too. We should pay attention to what God says in His Word, the Bible. And we should want to please God.
Today you will have opportunities to do right things or wrong things. If you choose to do right things, God will be happy. If you choose to do wrong things, God will not be happy. Choose to pay attention to God and His Word.