Children (2)

We will continue today to talk about children.Some people in Bible times thought that children were not very important. But in our Bible Reading today, Jesus used a little child to teach His followers about God’s kingdom.
Verses 2 and 3 tell us that “Jesus called a little child to come to him. He stood the child in front of the followers. Then he said, ‘The truth is, you must change your thinking and become like little children. If you don’t do this, you will never enter God’s kingdom.’” Children are good examples for Christians. Why? Because children are humble, loving and trusting.
Jesus knew the hearts of His followers. Some of them were not humble and loving. They were filled with pride and hate. Jesus wanted His followers to understand that they needed to change so they could be part of God’s kingdom.
I hope you will be humble, loving and trusting like a child today.