Children (3)

My church has an outreach to families who are expecting the birth of a baby. After the baby is born, the pastor encourages the parents to dedicate their child to God.
A baby’s dedication service is a time for worship, thanksgiving and celebration. Our pastor encourages the new parents to raise their child to love and follow God. Our pastor also gives the parents a tiny rosebud in a vase. Later, the rosebud opens and becomes a flower. This is a symbol of how a child should grow and mature in Christ.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that some people brought their children to Jesus. He blessed the children and prayed for them. It is never too early to start teaching children about God and Jesus. Sing about God’s love as you rock a baby to sleep. Repeat Bible verses as you travel in the car with young children.
Be sure to pray for the children in your life, and show them how to grow and live for Jesus.