Children (4)

Today is our last devotion about children. The Bible shows us that adults can learn important lessons about praise by watching children. Most children are not afraid to worship God in front of other people.
I have worked in childcare ministries and Vacation Bible Schools where children sang loudly to God. They prayed and repeated Bible verses. They are excited about what God has done for them.
In our Bible verses for today, Jesus healed blind and crippled people in the temple area. The children that were there praised God. “The children were shouting, ‘Praise to the Son of David’” (verse 15b). This made the Jewish leaders angry. But Jesus reminded them that they should be praising God, too.
The next time God does something wonderful for you, take time to praise Him. Tell other people what God has done for you. Sing a song. Write a poem. Don’t be ashamed to thank and praise God for what He has done for you!