Children (5)

Today we will talk about one last characteristic of children. Most children do not worry. They depend on their parents to take care of any problems that happen in their lives.
The boy in our Bible Reading came to listen to Jesus. More than 5,000 people came to learn from Jesus. When it was time to eat, Jesus’ followers did not know how they could feed so many people. A disciple, Andrew, saw that this boy had a lunch of five barley loaves and two little fish. The boy was willing to share his lunch with other people. He did not seem to be worried about what he would eat.
Jesus tells us several times in the New Testament that we should not worry about clothes or food. In Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus said that we should be like birds and flowers. They don’t worry. God makes flowers beautiful, and He provides food for the birds.
Don’t worry today. God will take care of you.