Chinese Characters (2)

One of the favorite characters for Chinese people is the character for “blessing.” Often it is written on colored paper and hung on the door of a home around New Year’s Day. The people hope that blessings will enter their house and make their lives better in the coming year.
The parts of this character show signs of the creation story. The left side of the character means “God” or “Spirit.” The right side has parts that mean “one,” “mouth” and “field.” Our Bible verses today tell us that God created man, gave him work to do and provided food for him from the fields. God saw that this was very good. This was the first of God’s many blessings.
Sometimes we may think that being blessed by God means receiving lots of things that we want. But really God blesses us every day by giving us life and taking care of our needs.
You do not need to worry today. God will bless you and take care of you.