Chinese Characters (3)

Many of the world’s oldest cultures have a story about a great flood. The Bible tells us the real story about the flood. People from many places knew this story and passed it down from one generation to another. This encourages us to know that so many other cultures knew about the great flood.
Chinese people have many different characters that mean “boat.” One of their oldest characters for “boat” shows signs of the great flood from the time of Noah. The left side of the character shows things that sail on the water. The right side has a form of the number “eight” on top with a part under it that means “mouth.”
What does this character mean? Our Bible Reading tells us that there were eight people (mouths) on Noah’s boat. This character shows us that many people around the world knew the story about Noah.
God was faithful to save Noah and his family from the flood. He will be faithful to you, too!