Chinese Characters (4)

Chinese people have two different words for
“peace.” One word means “no war” and the other means “I am safe, even if there is danger outside.” The second word is the one we will focus on today.
The second character in that word for “peace” has two parts. The top part stands for the roof of a home and the part under it stands for a woman. When a man left to go to work, he knew his wife was safe at home. The door of their house was closed and the roof would keep his wife warm and dry. The man felt peace because his wife was safe.
God has not removed all bad things from the world. But He has promised that when we live close to Him, we can have safety and peace. No one in the world can take away this peace. Verse 2 of our Bible Reading calls God our “place of safety.”
We don’t need to worry or be afraid. Praise Him today for the way He takes care of you!