Chinese Characters (7)

Today we will talk about our last Chinese character. This character is one of my favorites. It means “righteousness.” Righteousness means doing what is right.
In the traditional style of this character, there are two parts. The top part is a form of the character for “sheep” or “lamb.” The bottom part is the word for “I” or “me.”
We try so hard to be good and do good things. But no matter how hard we try, we still fail and disobey. God is holy, and we are not. On our own, we can never be good enough to stand before God.
Our Bible verses today tell us that Jesus became our sacrificial lamb. He accepted the punishment for our sins and died on the cross. “His blood will make us completely clean” (verse 14b).
When we follow and obey Jesus, He becomes our righteousness. Then we can approach God with a new relationship. Thank Him and praise Him today!