I had plans to get up early in the morning to pray and read the Bible. But the alarm clock rang, and I thought, ?I need just a few more minutes of sleep.? When I finally got out of bed, there was no time for prayer and Bible reading.
I struggle with this all the time. Sometimes I want to do things for God, but my body is weak. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus asked His followers to sit and watch while He prayed. But Jesus? followers were human. They fell asleep. Verse 40b of our Bible Reading says, ?Jesus said to Peter, ?You men could not stay awake with me for one hour? Stay awake and pray for strength against temptation. Your spirit wants to do what is right. But your body is weak.??
God gives us choices. We can choose to pray and study the Bible, or we can choose to put it off until another time. We need to be strong so we can make the right choices. Our strength comes from Jesus. If we stay close to Him, we can find the strength to do what is right.