Life is full of choices. At one time, I really wanted to be in a relationship with a man who was not a Christian. My parents told me I was making a bad choice. I didn’t listen to them, and I continued dating this man. Finally, our relationship ended. Then I realized that I had made a bad choice. Through this whole experience, my father was disappointed in me. But like the father in our Bible Reading, my father continued to love me.
God gives us the choice to do right or wrong. He knows that if we make bad choices, we will be hurt. But sometimes in life we have to experience the hurt from wrong choices. Then we can understand that it is important to make right choices.
You should always remember that even though you make wrong choices, God will be there to forgive you. He will also help you make right choices in the future. Ask God to help you make the right choices today. And don’t forget to thank Him for His wonderful love!