Christian Friends

It is very important for Christians to fellowship with one another. In Acts, chapter 2, we read that the Christians in Jerusalem spent time with each other every day.
I have many wonderful Christian friends. Some of my Christian friends are people who have the same interests as I do. In our Bible Reading today, we learn that Paul traveled to the city of Corinth. There he met Aquila and his wife, Priscilla. They were tentmakers, just like Paul. So Paul “stayed with them and worked with them” (verse 3b).
Paul continued to work with Aquila and Priscilla to spread the Good News about Jesus. In Romans 16:3, Paul said about Aquila and Priscilla, “They risked their own lives to save mine.” Wow – they were really good Christian friends!
Think about your Christian friends. Do you share with each other and help each other grow closer to God? Pray for your Christian friends today. Spend time with them and work together for God’s church.