Christmas Cactus

Last year I received a Christmas cactus with many bright red flowers. I enjoyed it for a long time. But then the cactus did not bloom again, and I forgot about watering it.
One day a friend visited me. She pointed to the cactus and said, “Oh, look at all the buds on this cactus!” I looked closely at the cactus. I was happy to see many new buds. Immediately I watered it, gave it some plant food and put it in the sunlight. Soon the buds opened.
When I was a new Christian, I did not spend much time reading the Bible and praying. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior and been baptized. I knew that I was God’s child. But I was weak.
My cactus needed water, plant food and good light to bloom. In the same way, I needed God’s Word to grow spiritually. I started reading my Bible every day and praying for other people. I listened to Christian music and fellowshipped with other Christians. Soon I started growing in Christ.
I encourage you to spend time today reading the Bible and praying. God will bless you and help you grow.