Christmas Emotions (10)

Today is Christmas Day, and we will talk about how God must feel at Christmas.
Imagine that you gave everything you had — your possessions, your love and your time — to someone. Then imagine that this person laughed at you and was mean to you. How would you feel? Probably you would feel sad, hurt, angry or disappointed.
When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, God gave everything He had. He gave the most valuable gift He had — Jesus. God gave His Son, but some people do not accept Jesus. These people reject God’s wonderful gift. I am sure that must make God feel sad.
But God is happy when people accept Jesus and follow Him. Verse 17a of our Bible Reading reminds us that “…the Lord has always loved his followers. And he will continue to love his followers forever and ever!”
God is giving you a wonderful gift this Christmas. Accept His gift of salvation and follow Him.