Christmas Emotions (3)

You may think that Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. But some people are not happy at Christmas.
Many people feel sad and suffer from depression at Christmas. Maybe they feel sad because they are away from friends and family. Some people are sad because they don’t have money to buy gifts. Other people are depressed because they feel left out or forgotten. These people may ask the same questions that the psalm writer asked in verse 11. “Why should I be so sad? Why should I be so upset?”
As Christians, it is our responsibility to encourage and comfort other people. We can do this if we remember that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Christmas to help us remember that Jesus came to earth so He could live here and die on the cross. Jesus came to die so our sins could be forgiven.
Look at the people around you this Christmas season. Do you see someone who is sad or depressed? Comfort them and help them. And, remind them how much God loves them.