Christmas Emotions (4)

I know people who always feel guilty at Christmas. Why do they feel guilty? Because they don’t have enough money to buy gifts or they think they can’t buy the right kind of gifts.
But we should not feel guilty about these kinds of things. We should feel guilty if we have sinned and disobeyed God. Then our guilt causes us to confess our sins and have a right relationship with God again.
When we think about Jesus coming to earth as a baby, we are reminded about God’s plan for Jesus’ life. Jesus came to be the sacrifice for our sins. But before Jesus can forgive our sins, we need to confess our sins.
In verse 5 of our Bible Reading today, the writer said, “But then I decided to confess all my sins to the Lord. Lord, I told you about my sins. I did not hide my guilt. And you forgave me for all my sins!”
Make this Christmas a time of forgiveness. Confess your sins and ask God to forgive you. Then celebrate God’s greatest gift to you!