Christmas Emotions (6)

For some people, it is hard to be patient at Christmas time. Often we become impatient and want things right now!
Children especially have a hard time waiting for Christmas to arrive. Adults wait in long lines at the stores and try to be patient with heavy traffic and crowded stores.
This Christmas I challenge you to be patient instead of being impatient. Here are some ways that may help you be patient. 1) Do what is most important first. 2) Trust God to help you when disappointments happen. 3) Memorize Bible verses that remind us to be patient and wait. 4) Pray and ask God to help you be patient. 5) Read your Bible and follow Jesus’ example of patience.
Remember that God is with you during this Christmas season. And don’t forget verse 14 of our Bible Reading, “Wait for the Lord’s help! Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help!”