Christmas Emotions (7)

Christmas is a time when many people feel dissatisfied. Maybe they look at all the presents other people buy. They feel dissatisfied because they cannot afford to buy fancy presents. Or maybe they expect to receive a special Christmas present. But when they get something else instead, they are not satisfied.
Verse 15 of our Bible Reading today talks about being satisfied. “I prayed for fairness. So I will see your face, Lord. And seeing you, Lord, I will be fully satisfied.” If we want complete satisfaction in life, we should focus on God. We must have a personal relationship with Him and try to please Him every day.
So my question for you is: What are you focusing on this Christmas? Are you only thinking about getting presents and having a good time? Or are you focusing on the ways you can serve God through this Christmas season?
You can feel satisfied when you love and serve God every day.