Christmas Gifts (1)

It is fun at Christmas time to give and receive gifts. Our Bible Reading today tells us that the wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus.
The gifts that the wise men gave Jesus were very expensive gifts ? gold, frankincense and myrrh. (Frankincense and myrrh were expensive perfumes.) Some people believe that Joseph and Mary sold these gifts and used the money to help them live while they were in Egypt.
The wise men gave expensive gifts. But sometimes I don?t have enough money to buy Christmas gifts. So I like to make coupons and give them as Christmas presents. I make a coupon out of a piece of paper. Then I write on the coupon something I will do. One coupon could say, ?I will wash the windows in your house.? Another coupon could say, ?I will pack a lunch and we will go on a picnic together.? Then I give these coupons to my family and friends.
You can share God?s love this Christmas by serving other people.