Christmas Gifts (2)

Christmas is a wonderful time to help people who are in need. Often at Christmas people tell a story about a man named Nicholas. When he heard that his friend had lost all of his money, Nicholas wanted to help.
The man had three daughters. Each daughter needed a dowry before she could get married. A dowry was money or land to be given to a girl?s husband when she married. If a girl did not have a dowry, she could not get married.
Nicholas wanted to help the man. So he secretly gave the oldest daughter money so she could have a dowry and get married.
Maybe you can help people this Christmas. You can take some cookies or candy to someone in a nursing home. Or you can share your Christmas dinner with someone who is all alone. Also you can buy some Christmas gifts for children from poor families.
Look for ways to share God?s love with other people this month ? and every month of the year!