Christmas King

Maybe you think that our Bible verses for today are strange to use for a devotion on Christmas Day. But these verses tell us what Christmas really means. In these verses, Jesus is called several different names — Faithful and True, Word of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Today we will talk about Jesus as our King.
God told King David that years later His Son would be born from David’s family. But Jesus is not just called an ordinary king. He is called the King of Kings. That means Jesus is the most important king ever! Jesus said that His kingdom does not belong to this world. Jesus’ kingdom is the most important kingdom ever!
When a Jewish king conquered another country, the Jews would have peace for a short time. But our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus will conquer the devil. Then there will be peace that will last forever!
When we realize that Jesus is our King, we should worship and follow Him. I hope you are doing that today. Merry Christmas!