Christmas Lights

I love to look at Christmas lights. They remind me of the light that shone around the shepherds when the angel told them about Jesus’ birth. Verse 9a of our Bible Reading says, “An angel of the Lord (God) stood before the shepherds. The glory of the Lord was shining around them.”
Every year we decorate our house with Christmas lights. But last year was different. Why? Because someone stole many of our lights. My daughter wrote a letter to the local newspaper. She told them that it was very sad that someone would steal Christmas lights. The newspaper wrote an article about the theft. A radio station read the article on the air. They suggested that people give lights and decorations to us.
Soon 10 trucks and about 25 people brought lights and put them on our house! Even a TV station crew came. The newspaper interviewed my wife. She talked about the true meaning of Christmas. Many people in our town heard the Good News about Jesus that day. My wife was able to share her faith because she knows God’s Word.
I hope you will tell other people about Jesus this Christmas.