Christmas Sacrifices (2)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918Today we will talk about the sacrifices that Mary made. Our Bible verses tell us that God sent an angel to Mary. But Mary was “very confused” (verse 29).

The angel told Mary that the power of the Holy Spirit would cause her to be pregnant. The angel also told her that her baby would be the Son of God. Mary knew that if she obeyed God’s plan, she would have to sacrifice her reputation. People might stare at her and call her names.

Mary also had to sacrifice her body as a place where baby Jesus could grow. And like Joseph, Mary had to sacrifice her time and energy to raise Jesus and teach Him to love and serve God. But Mary was willing to make these sacrifices.

Because Mary was willing to make those sacrifices, Jesus was born. He grew up and died on the cross. Then He rose from death. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, you and I can have the promise of eternal life with God!