Christmas Sacrifices (6)

Administrative Wing Copier-20160503132918When we think about people who make sacrifices, we may think about men and women who serve in the military. People in the military sacrifice their right to change jobs or move whenever they want. They sacrifice being with family and friends on special occasions. Military people may even need to sacrifice their lives so that we can be protected.

Jesus made a big sacrifice when He chose to come to earth to be born as a baby. Our Bible verse for today says, “Jesus Christ did the things God wanted him to do. And because of that, we are made holy through the sacrifice of Christ’s body. Christ made that sacrifice one time — enough for all time.”

No one forced Jesus to give up the beauty and riches of heaven to come to earth. Jesus chose to come to earth and make the greatest sacrifice of all. He chose to suffer and then to die on the cross for us!

Jesus did all this for you! Thank Him today for His great sacrifice.