Christmas Shepherds

At the time Jesus was born, it was common for shepherds to stay with their sheep day and night. The shepherds kept the sheep from straying away and protected them from wild animals.
The shepherds in our Bible Reading were probably like other Jews. They knew that someday God would send His Son to earth. That is why they were excited to hear the message from the angel. The shepherds did not doubt what the angel said. They “went running” to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus (verse 16).
Some people wonder why God told the shepherds about Jesus’ birth. God could have given the news to the king or some important Jewish leaders. Maybe God knew that the shepherds would share this news with other people. Verse 18 says, “Everyone was surprised when they heard what the shepherds told them.”
I hope this Christmas you will be like the shepherds. Share the news about Jesus’ birth with your family and friends. —