Christmas Star

When Jesus was born, wise men from the east were studying the stars. Maybe they studied the Old Testament prophecies that told about the coming of Jesus. When a new star appeared in the sky, the wise men knew this star would lead them to the King of the Jews. So these men traveled to find the new king.
It was probably a long hard trip for the wise men. Travel was sometimes dangerous because of robbers. The wise men first stopped in Jerusalem, but Jesus was not there. Our Bible Reading tells us that they continued following the star to Bethlehem where “it stopped above the place where” Jesus was (verse 9b).
Many years ago, this special star led the wise men to Jesus. Today we have God’s Word, the Bible. The Bible tells us about Jesus and how we can follow Him. We can read the Bible every day and learn more and more about Jesus.
The wise men focused on the star and found Jesus. I hope you will focus on the Bible and learn more about Jesus.