Christmas Star

I enjoy walking outside at night. One evening I took a walk. It was a beautiful night. There were no clouds in the sky ? just stars. As I looked at the sky, I saw one very bright star. That star reminded me of a special star that appeared in the sky long ago.
About two thousand years ago, God used a special star to lead people to Jesus. These people were the wise men from the east. Verse 2 of our Bible Reading says, ?The wise men asked people, ?Where is the new baby that is the king of the Jews? We saw the star that shows he was born. We saw the star rise in the sky in the east. We came to worship him.?? The wise men followed the star and found Jesus.
God wants everyone to find Jesus ? rich people, poor people, hurting people, happy people, sick people, lonely people. God wanted the wise men to find Jesus, and He wants you to know Jesus, too.