Christmas Trees (1)

History books tell us that about a thousand years ago, many people could not read or write. So church leaders taught these people Bible stories by using a large fir tree. They called this tree a ?Paradise Tree.?
On Christmas Eve, the church leaders set up the Paradise Tree. First, they used the tree to help tell the story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then they told more Bible stories and ended with the story about Jesus coming back someday.
Later people put up Paradise Trees in their own homes. They repeated the Bible stories over and over again. Many people learned about God and Jesus through these trees.
Today putting up a Christmas tree is part of many families? traditions. But no matter how beautiful a Christmas tree can be, we should not forget that Christmas is a time to honor Jesus.
I hope that you can find new ways this Christmas to honor Jesus. Be sure to include God in every Christmas celebration.