Christ’s Example

One day I watched a large flock of geese. They were walking around a small pond. Then another flock of geese flew down to the pond. These geese were very noisy and kept squawking.
The noisy flock of geese walked near the road where there were many cars. The other geese started following them. As they got near the edge of the road, the squawking geese stopped suddenly and flew off. The rest turned around and returned to the pond.
Often we find ourselves following someone who is the most beautiful, the most powerful or has the most money. But these people should not be our example in life. Our Bible verses today tell us that the only example we should follow is Jesus. “He never sinned, and he never told a lie. He suffered, but did not threaten anyone” (verses 22 and 23b).
Jesus is our example. He died so that our sins can be forgiven. Be sure that you are trying to be like Him today!