Cities in Acts (7)

The last city we will look at in the book of Acts is Rome. Rome was a very large city and the center of the Roman Empire. The Roman emperors lived in Rome. Because the city was filled with people who did not know about Jesus, Paul wanted to go there.
Paul finally was able to travel to Rome. He was under arrest and in chains, but God gave him the opportunity to preach in Rome. While Paul was in Rome, he told many people about Jesus. “He spoke to them all day long, explaining God’s kingdom to them. He used the Law of Moses and the writings of the prophets to persuade them to believe in Jesus” (verse 23b). Paul was in chains, but that did not stop him from preaching about Jesus.
Sometimes we think that our circumstances prevent us from telling others about Jesus. But no matter what happens to us or where we are, we should continue talking about Jesus. Will you be like Paul today?